Welcome to FLōT Systems.

UAV-powered aerial inspections.

Common problems facing Electric Utility Companies resulting in service interruptions:

  • Weather damage
  • System deterioration
  • Right-of-way infractions by vegetation, animals, etc.

Common solutions (including full-scale helicopters and aircraft) have serious disadvantages:

  • Risks to human life
  • Cost
  • Infrequent inspections
  • Timeliness
  • Limited DQD

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are forever changing how power line inspections are delivered:

  • FAA approval via COAs and/or Section 333
  • Airframes are reliable
  • Flight times are longer
  • Sensors are better quality
  • Digital communications are more failsafe
  • Little to no risks to human life
  • Excellent cost-to-benefit ratio

FLōT is a technology-driven company focused on UAV inspection solutions for Electric Utility Companies. We have:

  1. Performed thousands of successful UAV missions
  2. Partnered with the University Of Colorado to secure FAA approvals
  3. An active REA inspection pilot program in rural Colorado

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